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Shenyang Worldwide Auto-Accessory Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Shenyang Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited (previously named as Shenyang Aerospace Xinguang Mitsubishi Heavy Valve Co. Ltd.) was acquired 100% by JiĄŻnan Worldwide Auto-Accessory Limited and became a subsidiary of Wonder Group in 2011. The company is professionally engaged in the manufacture of auto engine inlet and exhaust valves with an annual output of 12 million pcs. Supported by the advanced production equipments and testing facilities imported from Japan, the company has become a stable supplier of domestic customers including Shenyang aerospace Mitsubishi, ChangĄŻan Suzuki, Changhe Suzuki, DFSK, Harbin DongĄŻan Mitsubishi and BAIC, etc.

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